Two-Day Workshop

Be a part of our Refresh and React series and invest in the fundamentals shared by all artists, no matter if you are a seasoned pro or early on in your creative development. Join Robin Douglas for a two-day workshop to take a fresh look at your work by revisiting the basics and gain a deeper understanding of what holds a work of art together to spellbind the viewer. With a focus on the intersection of creativity and the underlying elements and principles of design, create unique and expressive compositions of still life, landscape and abstraction. All supplies for your original artwork will be provided and artists of all levels are welcome.

In line with current CDC recommendations, we are no longer requiring masks in the galleries. If you prefer to wear a mask, we have masks available for patrons at the front desk. We recognize that masks are a tool for preventing the spread of disease of all kinds and we respect the decision of any patrons who choose to continue using a mask.